MAPRO® International

Since 1959 Mapro International S.p.A. produces and exports machines that treat air and technical  gases all over the world. Mapro International S.p.A. was established with the company name of M.P.R. Italiana S.p.A., whose purpose was the manufacture of rotary vane compressors and vacuum pumps used for the suction and compression of gaseous fluids, including corrosive ones.

The use of these machines in the most varied industrial sectors, from food to pharmaceuticals, from molding to packaging machines, in process plants, in environmental pollution control, etc., constitutes the basis of a consolidated experience that today allows our Company to provide solutions that are technologically suitable for use and reliable over time for any process of conveying technical air or gases.

The MAPRO® activity arises from the analytical study of market needs and the consequent design of the machines; it develops through the creation of prototypes, to finally arrive at mass production or on order. The attention to the market and constant technological research, supported by the considerable and consolidated company “know-how”, then lead to the continuous evolution of the machines produced. The long list of references for each type of industrial application and for most of the technical gases that can be used, confirms the attention to the quality of the products manufactured.

Conformity of products

  • MAPRO® products are:
    • Compliant with Laws and Technical Standards
    • Compliant with the Customer’s requests
    • Suitable for the intended use
    • Safe and reliable
  • The main European Directives applicable, depending on the type of gas treated and the working conditions, are:
    • 2006/42 / EC Safety of Machines
    • 2014/35 / EC Low Voltage/li>
    • 2014/30 / EC Electromagnetic Compatibility
    • 2014/68 / CE (PED) Pressure equipment/li>
    • 2014/34 / CE (ATEX) Equipment used in potentially explosive atmosphere

The continuous improvement of the products and the technical preparation of its staff, of the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes, are the basis of the company’s daily business.

Respect for Employees, Suppliers and Customers, together with the commitment to comply with the rules on work, safety in the workplace, and environmental protection, are essential aspects for the Management of MAPRO®. The Management and all collaborators believe in the work ethic and respect for people.
The Management of MAPRO® thanks its Collaborators, Suppliers and Customers who make the existence of the Company possible.