Corporate social responsibility

MAPRO® has always been aware of the need for social solidarity and has decided to give its full support to several projects run by the Institute for International Economic Co-operation (ICEI).

ICEI is a recognised non-profit ONG charity, founded in 1977. Its work centres on achieving social solidarity and co-operates towards development, research and training. ICEI particularly supports development projects in the southern hemisphere and follows a fundamental principle, with which we are in full agreement: to help small local businesses in order to grant independence to the population and to allow them to live on their own land, using equipment which safeguards the environment, such as organic farming methods, responsible tourism and, therefore, maintaining the right balance with their own eco-system.

All this is done in a non-invasive manner, respecting the local culture and in particular favouring the development of the condition of women.

Visit ICEI on their website and read more about how this Institute for Co-operation work.

In 2007, MAPRO® decided to support a project named “Mayo Art” which aims at the socio-didactic integration of children and adolescents living in two emarginated districts of Buenos Aires, noted for their extreme poverty and known  as “8 de Mayo” quarter, located on the site of an unauthorized rubbish dump and some sections in the areas of Boca and Barracas in the south of the city.

  • Catalogue of the Mayo Art Exhibition

For 2008 to 2012, MAPRO® took part in an environmental conservation project, in the development of sustainable business and tourism within the traditional community of the micro-region Mid-Rio Amazon, Amazon State, Municipality of Silves – Brazil.

In particular, MAPRO®’s contribution was aimed at the creation of a Reservation of Sustainable Development and therefore at sustainable management of water and forest resources, at training staff and at the purchase of equipment and machinery for monitoring water, forest and fauna resources.

  • Description of Canaçari project
  • Leaflet of sustainable tourism in Amazon.