Blowers, fans and compressors
in conformity with the 2014/34/UE Directive (ATEX)

The 2014/34/EU Directive (ATEX) requires machines comprised in the Equipment-Group II, Category 2, for use in hazardous places, classified as Zone 1, where an explosive atmosphere, consisting of a mixture of air and flammable gases, is likely to occur.

In accordance with the Directive, MAPRO® has designed a complete range of Blowers, Fans and Compressors, belonging to the aforementioned Group of equipment, and classified into Category 2 both for the surrounding area conditions and for internals of the machines, and intended for the compression of combustible gases, such as biogas or natural gas.

MAPRO® has chosen to feature the specific manufacturing technology used for these machines with the brand, on the right show, that highlights their design expressly worked out for the extraction and compression of these gases.

Annex VIII of the ATEX Directive defines the conformity assessment procedures of the equipment. In compliance with this Annex, MAPRO® has filed the Technical Files of its machines to the Notified Body CESI (Identification Number 0722) and to the Notified Body ICIM (Identification Number 0425).

On the basis of the Technical Dossier contents, MAPRO® follows the Procedures relating to the Internal Production Control and draws up the Declaration of Conformity of the machines to the Directive.