YUNMAI Extra Mini – a new portable and powerful massage gun

Xiaomi Yunmai is one of the leading brands in the Xiaomi ecosystem. Yunmai recently contracted Ansu Fati, the star of Spanish professional football, as a brand ambassador.

Xiaomi Yunma Extra Mini

Professional-designed products such as the new Xiaomi Yunmai Extra Mini massage gun help Ansu Fati reduce muscle pain after intense workouts. The football player urges everyone – "Join Yunmai and surpass your athletic potential!".

Xiaomi Yunma Massager Extra Mini

Xiaomi Yunmai Extra Mini Massage Gun

Recently, Xiaomi Yunmai has released a new massage gun, which should completely change the market for such devices. Massage guns are not just for professional athletes. The new massager from Xiaomi Yunmai is small, but portable and powerful, it is specially designed for everyday use.

Xiaomi Yunmai Extra Mini Massage Gun

Due to remote work during the pandemic, long hours of sitting in the wrong positions, muscle pain has become a frequent companion of many people around the world. But, the Xiaomi Yunmai Extra Mini massage gun is designed to help relieve such muscle pain.

Xiaomi Yunmai Extra Mini is designed to help alleviate this muscle pain

The device has four customizable modes that can easily meet different needs. The kit includes four washable professional silicone massage nozzles for different parts of the body. The Extra Mini runs quietly despite its high power output – without creating annoying noises. In addition, the massager offers up to 48 days of battery life in a mode of use of 10 minutes a day.

Xiaomi Yunma Extra Mini features

The Extra Mini massage gun is already available on the official Xiaomi Youpin online shopping trading platform. It only costs $89.99 with coupon F4FM72V5, although the original price is $99.99.

The official Xiaomi Youpin marketplace is part of the "New Retail Strategy" for Xiaomi. Based on a huge ecosystem and using its own marketing strategy, Xiaomi, together with Youpin, strives to provide a better lifestyle to all its customers by offering high quality products at the most affordable prices.

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