Dear visitor,

This is to inform you of how your personal data in our possession will be treated. This document refers to the Safety Programming Document in which MAPRO International S.p.A. shows it is equipped with a system of technical, informative, organisational, logistical, and procedural safety measures which conform to the standards required by the law relating to our specific risks.

The following describes how the website is managed in terms of its treatment of the data of users who visit the website.

This concerns information which is given to everyone who interacts with MAPRO International S.p.A. web services, accessed via computer from the following addresses:,,,,,,,

which correspond to the first page of the MAPRO International S.p.A. official website. Information is only given to the MAPRO International website and not to other websites which the user may enter through the use of links.


No user’s personal data becomes property of the website.

Cookies are not used for the transfer of information of personal nature, nor is any type of permanent cookie used, that is to say no system which traces users. The use of session cookies (which are not saved on the user’s computer and which disappear upon exit from the browser) is strictly limited to the transfer of session identifiers (made up of numbers generated at random by the server) necessary to allow a safe and efficient visit to the website. The session cookies on this website avoid recourse to other information techniques that may endanger the user’s privacy when surfing the net, and that do not allow acquisition of user’s identifying personal data.

Optional conferring of data

Aside from that data specifically required for surfing, the user is free to supply personal data requested on order forms about the stages of work reached and / or in his direct contacts with Mapro International S.p.A. offices in order to accelerate the sending of informative material or other types of communication. If this data is not conferred, it may be impossible to proceed with the order / request.

Person responsible for treatment of data

The person responsible for the treatment of data is MAPRO International S.p.A., represented by the Managing Director.

Place of treatment of data

Data treatment is carried out at the offices of MAPRO International S.p.A. by appointed members of staff, under the supervision of managers selected by the person responsible for the treatment of data.

Data is not circulated but may be passed on to other organisations (for example, banks, agencies) in business activities and according to obligations outlined in the contract.

Types of data treated

The collected data is of the following type:

  • identification of the interested party (corporate name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail, tax codes … )
  • data inherent to business activity (orders, bank coordinates, account numbers / fiscal data / solvency …)

Such data is supplied by you or through an authorised third party (such as an agent) or obtained through public registers, directories, acts or documents known to all.

The treatment of data does not require consent, in that the same data treatment is required to fulfil an obligation according to the law, regulations or public norms; it is also required so that contract obligations can be carried out, or in order to fulfil special requests made by the interested party.

Purpose of treatment

The purpose of the treatment of personal data is as follows:

  • execution of contracts drawn up with you, of related work and of the protection of contractual rights
  • fulfilment of obligations according to the law
  • internal contract management
  • internal statistical analysis

Nature of treatment

In consideration of the purpose of data treatment, your conferring is an obligation.

Any refusal to confer data and / or consent to treatment of data, will prevent us from continuing our relationship with you.

Treatment Procedure

Personal data is treated with or without the use of electronic equipment and is kept in suitable data banks into which only authorised personnel have access and according to instructions given by the person responsible for data treatment.

Data is treated according to the law in force and in keeping with corporate and trade/professional secrecy.

Legal rights of the interested party

Legal rights can be exercised, see Article 7 Decree 196/2003, according to the terms and conditions of Arts 8,9,10 cited in said decree.

Termination of treatment

Should data treatment cease, the data is destroyed or kept for strictly personal ends and is not circulated.

Mapro International S.p.A.

The Managing Director – Person responsible for treatment of data